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The cabin designs featured on our site are bound to stimulate your creative juices and open your mind to a realm of endless possibilities. Discover inspiring ideas for creating a special place of your own . . .

small cabin designs

Photo Credit (above): Calgary Herald

. . . . . a place to go when you want to get away from it all.  A place to rejuvenate mind, body and spirit.    A place to build memories that will last a lifetime!

Perhaps you've always dreamed of a romantic hideaway in the woods . . . . .

small log cabin

Charming Guest Cabin on Jack Hanna's Montana Ranch

. . . or a rustic mountain retreat.

Rustic Stone Fishing Cabin in Northern Rockies

A tiny shingled cottage in a sculpted boxwood garden . . . . .

shingle style cottage

Shingle Style Cottage Design by Robert A. M. Stern

. . . or a cozy country cabin in a natural woodland setting.

country cottage

Above Design by Mountainworks, Ltd. in North Carolina

A storybook cottage in the English countryside . . . . .

storybook cottage

Gate House at Mentmore Towers, Buckinghamshire, UK

. . . or an enchanting fairy tale retreat in a French hamlet.

fairytale cottage

Marie Antoinette's Rustic Retreat at Versailles

   A place where you can hang out and kick back on a bright summer
   morning . . . . .

log cabin porch

Montana Lakeside Cabin Design by Natural Log Creations

. . . or huddle around a crackling fire on a crisp autumn afternoon.

Above Left: Ralph Lauren's Rocky Mountain Retreat in Colorado

Above Right: Finely Crafted Hunting Lodge in South Carolina


Whether you prefer  a  traditional  or non-traditional look, you will discover
an amazing array of exciting  designs
and imaginative ideas to inspire you.

Cabin plans in a wide range of  styles
and   sizes  to  satisfy  nearly  every
taste and budget.

Handcrafted Log Home in Arizona's White Mountains


If you love and appreciate fine architectural detailing,  quality craftsman-
ship,  and  uncompromising attention to detail,  you  will  love  the  cabin designs and plans featured on our site . . . . . . .

Whether a modest cabin plan of just
a few hundred square feet . . . . . or
a rambling mountain lodge . . . . . . . perfection is in the details.    In  the
way  each  stone is carefully placed.
In the way each  log  and  timber  is meticulously crafted and assembled.

You will discover unique designs  and creative ideas to help you  personal-
ize your cabin or cottage.   To infuse
it with your unique style and person-
ality.  To put your personal stamp on
it. To make it truly your own!

"Hobbit House" in Rural Pennsylvania

As you explore the vast array of cabin designs on our site, you are bound to find a style and a floor plan that is right for you.    A special look that "speaks" to you.   And an exciting variety of options to help you turn your dream into reality!

Monumental Mountain Lodge on Montana Cattle Ranch

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Stay abreast of the latest cabin designs and styles, as well as the vast range of options available today to help you turn your dreams into reality!
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Bring Your Cabin Plan To Life . . . Turn Your Dream Into Reality!
Turn your cabin plan into reality by exploring the wide range of options available today to ensure you get exactly what you're looking for!
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