The Log Cabin Fireplace...
Warming Hearts To This Day!

A log cabin fireplace was the heart -- and hearth -- of a log dwelling . . . the center around which virtually everything revolved.   A primary source
of heating and cooking for centuries.  Though no longer employed in that capacity, it continues to warm our hearts to this very day!

log cabin fireplace

    Stone Hearth at Ralph
  Lauren's Colorado Ranch

One need only look at the exterior to see how  some  log cabins  are  an-
chored by massive stone chimneys.  Whether gathering with friends around an outdoor fire when the weather is mild . . . . . . . or  huddling with loved ones in front of a crackling fire during a winter snowfall . . . . . a warm and toasty hearth is as comforting today as it was centuries ago.

log cabin fireplace
log cabin fireplace

Log cabin designs pictured above from Appalachian Log Homes

log cabin fireplace

Images  of  another  time,   long  ago, when life seemed so much simpler . . . . . dance in our minds.   The aroma of
a  real  wood  fire  permeates  the air. Flickering flames and crackling embers beckon  us to gather round and settle in  for  an  evening of storytelling and merriment . . . . . . . or just relaxation
and quiet enjoyment.

Few  things  are  as warm and inviting
as  a cozy stone hearth in a log home or cabin. Whether a soaring two story design,  such as the striking split face granite fireplace pictured at right from Wisconsin Log Homes . . . . . or some-
thing a bit less imposing,  such as the following 2 stone hearth designs,  the warmth  of  the wood and the rugged natural beauty of the stone create an intimacy  that  belies  the overall size and massing of the design.

log cabin fireplace
log cabin fireplace

Log cabin fireplaces pictured above are from Jim Barna Log & Timber Homes (left) and Appalachian Log Homes (right).

More Log Cabin Fireplace Designs

The following three stone hearth designs are from Golden Eagle Log Homes. Crafted from smooth,  round river rock,  or river stone,  they  come  in  an amazing range of colors and hues.

log cabin fireplace
log cabin fireplace

log cabin fireplace

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The three stone hearths pictured  below  are  crafted  from  fieldstone,  a stone commonly used in fireplace surrounds.  Beautiful, strong and durable
-- with complex and contrasting patterns,  colors and textures  --  a field-
stone fireplace can be a veritable work of art!

log cabin fireplace
log cabin fireplace

Log cabin fireplaces pictured above from Northwoods Log Homes.

The fieldstone fireplace pictured below is from Appalachian Log Homes.

log cabin fireplace

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And finally,  the soaring fireplace designs that  follow  combine  both  river rock and fieldstone for added architectural interest.   Beautiful stones with warm muted colors are used in  the  design  below,  left,  from  Log  Cabin Homes.  The impressive design on the right is from Lincoln Logs.

log cabin fireplace
log cabin fireplace

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log cabin fireplace

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