Floating Houses & Cabins...
Huck Finn never had it THIS Good!

Floating houses and cabins provide a unique and adventurous way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.     Just as Mark Twain's fictional character, Huckleberry Finn, did more than a century ago with
his river raft . . . you, too, can get away from it all.    However, unlike
Huck Finn, you can do so in far greater comfort and style!

floating houses

      "Aqua Floathome," pictured above,
       by German architects Steeltec37

floating houses

Today's floating cabins  come  in  a
wide  range of styles with a host of amenities for convenience and com-
fort. Many are equipped like a stan-
dard cabin or weekend retreat.

The modern design pictured above, right, and below was created by MOS Architects. Floating serenely on Lake Huron, the house or cabin is a sum-
mer vacation getaway for the owner and his family.

floating houses

floating houses

Inside,  the  space  is  anchored by a large stone hearth,  pictured  at right.
It also features a simple,  albeit beau-
tifully crafted interior with lots of nat-
ural wood  surfaces  (shown  at  right
and below).

floating houses

More Floating Houses & Cabins

The images that follow reflect a sampling of styles available in floating houses and cabins.  Pictured in the second row below, right, is one of several designs from P. Talley Floating Creations in Alabama.

floating houses

floating houses
floating houses

The floating cabin below provides an ideal vantage point from which to view the magnificent scenery of British Columbia that surrounds it!

floating houses

floating houses

The floating designs pictured at  right and  below -- both with gambrel roofs
-- are two more examples that reflect the   architectural   diversity   of  this unique cabin type.      Note the upper level balcony in the design at right.

floating houses

The striking floating cabin shown below is from GreenPod Development in Washington State. Beautifully crafted and eco friendly, it is a modular or prefab design.

floating houses

More Modular/Prefab Cabin Designs

And finally, the two examples that follow are called camping rafts.   The A-Frame style cabins are built on log rafts made of tree trunks and sup-
ported by barrels.     These particular camping rafts sit directly on the edge of the Steenberg’s Vliet river in Holland and can only be accessed
by canoe.

floating houses

floating houses

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floating houses

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