Standout Prefab Cabins...
Preferred By Many!

Modular and prefab cabins are becoming more and more popular as a cost-
effective alternative to site-built designs.    The ever expanding array of choices in today's marketplace make them a viable option when consider-
ing a weekend getaway or retreat!

prefab cabins

Above: The "Weebee" from
Tumbleweed Tiny House Co.

prefab cabins

Styles range from simple and basic "boxes" . . . . . to Gingerbread Vic-
torian and Craftsman cottages . . .
. . . to sleek, glass-walled contem-

The unique design that follows derives its inspiration from private railway cars of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

prefab cabins

prefab cabins

Pictured at right and below are prefab cabins reminiscent of nineteenth cen-
tury Victorian cottages.  Note the up-
per  level Gothic style windows in the designs at right and below, left.

prefab cabins
prefab cabins

The two designs that follow take their cue from Craftsman Style architec-
ture.      Popular in the early years of the twentieth century,  the style is currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity.

prefab cabins
prefab cabins

All  of  the  designs  pictured  up  to this point are from Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, a leader in the small house movement.   See More Small Cabin Designs from this Innovative Company!

prefab cabins

Pictured at right and below are prefab, or milled, small log cabin kits.  The de-
sign  at  right  is from Northwoods Log Homes.   The log cabin pictured below
is from Appalachian Log Homes.

See More Log Cabin Kits from Appalachian Log Homes

prefab cabins

Contemporary Style Prefab Cabins

prefab cabins

In stark contrast to the traditional designs we've looked at,  thus far,
are sleek contemporary designs at
right and below.

Pictured at left,  below,  is the "Hermit's House" by The Cloud Collective in The Netherlands.  A prefabricated retreat with a whitewashed interior and wood-clad  exterior,  this  minimalist  structure  functions as a lounge and guest room.

The sleek design on the right, below, is called the One+ Concept.  A mod-
ular design by the aptly named Swedish manufacturer, "add-a-room,"  the structure  can  be expanded in size -- as your needs dictate -- by simply attaching additional modules.

prefab cabins
prefab cabins

And finally,  the sleek contemporary glass-walled design pictured below is from ARKit, an Australian prefab home manufacturer.    Crafted from glass and Western red cedar over timber framing,  the sustainable structure in-
corporates a host of eco-friendly features.

prefab cabins

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quently add new images of prefabricated cabins to our site.


tiny cabins

Tiny Cabins...
Cozy Quarters!

prefab cabins

MORE Standout Prefab Cabins -
Tiny Tumbleweed Houses!

prefab cabins

Modular Log Cabins.....The
Most Complete Of All Prefabs!

log cabin kit homes

Log Cabin Kit Homes -
Kozy Cabin Kits!

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