Reclaimed Wood Tile...
Ideal for Cozy Cabin Interiors!

Almost everyone loves the thought of cozying up to a fire in a cabin in the woods, but for some the appeal is more than just a weekend warrior feeling but rather something they want to capture as a lifestyle for the everyday. 

Reclaimed wood tile from Everitt & Schilling Tile was recently utilized as the centerpiece for this fantastic cabin design that was for the everyday Grizzly Adams the owner wanted to embrace.  The design team utilized E&S Tile as the basis for the interiors of the cabin design to bring the aesthetic of the rustic woods inside. 

cabin exterior doorway

Springhaus Cabin Exterior Doorway

Unique Opportunity

When we (E&S Tile) were asked by the designers at Springhaus Interiors to help with their latest project, we were really thrilled that the overall design was headed to the rustic side of design. The owner of the project wanted to take a small historic barn on his property and make it his new home. There were several limitations and client specifics that he was interested in translating in his new space. 

The overall livable footage was just over 700 square feet. The exterior was also historic in nature so there was not a lot of opportunity to reorganize the footprint or to add a great deal of windows or other exterior changes that would change the overall exterior appearance. 

Secondly, he was very interested in making the inside feel like a rustic cabin. He wanted to come home to a place that felt like he was in the mountains even though the home was located in the city. 

The designers asked us what we thought might be the best of our products to use in this situation of parameters to help achieve the aesthetic. We knew from our past experience that our architectural barn wood tile was going to be our best product to help achieve the look. 

Timberline Reclaimed Wood Tile

Everitt & Schilling’s flagship line of reclaimed wood tile is our architectural barn wood series. It is dimensional, pre-finished with a ceramic coating and incredibly easy to install. Beyond those pragmatics, it also was the perfect look for the design that the owner was trying to achieve.  

We approached the design team about a feature wall that included the kitchen backsplash to help bring the rustic feel of a cabin inside. They loved the idea and realized quickly that they had a fantastic theme building material to work with throughout the project. 

reclaimed wood tile backsplash

Reclaimed Wood Tile Backsplash in Kitchen

As you can see, the results speak for themselves.  The inside of the home feels just as if it were made of real logs. The richness of our architectural barn wood tile adds a depth of color and warmth that could not be achieved with simply paint or drywall as the final finished product. 

The design team also felt that even though it was being used in a backsplash, there wasn't a good ceramic or porcelain tile that could have achieved the same outcome. The ceramic coating on our material sold the design team and the owner and soon the entire space came together centered around our feature wall. 

reclaimed wood tile

Close-up of Reclaimed Wood Tile in Kitchen Backsplash

Small Space with a Big Bang

ladder to loft

Ladder to Loft Area

Design trends for years were about showcasing larger and grander spaces.  Each subsequent design became about outdoing the last.  After the last recession people started to assess their true needs and realized that right sized housing was better than showcase homes. 

Authors like Sarah Susanka and the Not So Big House showed the way to better living through great design.  It has in some ways become a movement in the United States to move away from the largess of traditional construction models and into homes that feel great and live smart. 

This standout cabin design was no exception.  The owner knew from the start that expanding his footprint wasn't what he was after. 

So the design team from Springhaus started to look at the overall palette and made their decisions to utilize a large quantity of exposed beams.  Smart use of attic spaces and Murphy beds made the home livable and expandable for the owner's children who would come visit from time to time. 

Reclaimed Wood Became the Star

reclaimed wood tile

Bathroom Vanity with Wood Wall Tiles

Once the decision had been made to utilize reclaimed wood as the main feature of the design, it started to become a part of other locations in the home.  The next natural area for the reclaimed wood to be used was in the master bathroom as a mirror backdrop above the sink. 

Along with steam-punk style lights and towel and bath hardware the room started to take on a rustic industrial look of its own.  The resulting design continued to bring the cabin feel to the theme of the designs. 

A Cabin to Call Home

reclaimed wood tile

Rustic Industrial Elements help to set off
the Reclaimed Wood Tile Backsplash

In the end, the rustic cabin design might not be for every suburbanite but the stunning features throughout this home make this a cabin that is homey, warm and inviting.  E&S is very proud to have been featured in the design to help make the client's desires come to life.  Our reclaimed wood tile is a wonderful material to use when designing in any aesthetic. 

As you can see, it looks amazing in this very rustic theme - but it can also work in transitional or modern design just as easily.  The beauty of the material is that it finds its home well in a great number of overall aesthetics. 

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