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A Personal Message from Dennis Brose, founder of

The following Site Build It Review is based on my nearly decade long experience with Site Build It -- also known as SBI!, Solo Build It! and SiteSell -- from 2008 to the present.  Please note I have not been paid to write this review, nor will I obtain any monetary reward for future SBI! sales which may occur -- directly or indirectly -- as a result of it.  Any compensation I receive is in the joy of helping others find success.  Success in supplementing their incomes.  Success in gaining financial independence.  Or, as in my personal situation, success in picking up life's broken pieces and starting over with the hope, guidance and practical approach that Site Build It provides.

As a lifelong entrepreneur/creator, I've experienced both success and failure many times.  Clearly, "success" -- regardless of how you define it -- is sweeter.  However, the path to it is rarely a straight line.  In her book "The Creator's Code," author Amy Wilkinson succinctly makes this point . . . "Creators share one trait: failure.  Some fail early.  Most fail often.  Almost all of them will fail again."  Though these statements may apply to almost anyone engaged in a creative or entrepreneurial endeavor -- albeit in varying degrees, depending on factors such as level of risk, etc. -- Ms. Wilkinson is specifically talking about the founders of global enterprises bearing household names.  Names like PayPal, Airbnb and ebay, to mention just a few.  The author then goes on to make a more important point about failure . . . "something deeper occurs as a result: Failure provokes learning." 

Nearly a decade ago during a period of profound personal and professional loss, I was fortunate to discover Site Build It (SBI!).  Proceeding with extreme caution (as the concept of "trust" had by that time become alien to me), I spent several weeks from early morning to late evening researching numerous "how to build a website" products, carefully poring over every piece of information I could find about each product and the company behind it.  A technically challenged baby boomer with no computer training, I was determined to crawl my way, if necessary, into the 21st century.  At that time, my computer skill set consisted of pushing the "on/off " power button and, after numerous unsuccessful attempts -- and a generous helping of luck -- somehow gaining access to the internet.

Countless Hours of Research

While reading and rereading hundreds of pages of online material about dozens of products from as many different firms, Site Build It repeatedly caught my attention.  As I delved ever deeper I became increasingly persuaded this was the "real deal."  Though I'd never met founder Ken Evoy and knew nothing about him prior to that time, I began to feel a deep personal connection with him on some level.  He struck me as a man of uncompromising character and integrity.  More important, he seemed to genuinely care about the progress his customers (i.e., "students") were making.  He appeared deeply committed to helping them succeed.

But that alone was not enough for me to press the "Buy" button.  I needed more.  As a computer world newbie, I needed a blueprint or action plan I could understand.  One devoid of complex technical jargon that would be meaningless to this aging baby boomer.  One devoid of phony get rich quick schemes.  One devoid of substance and fact.  As an entrepreneur and businessman, I needed a plan that made economic sense.  A plan I could get my arms around and visualize as a viable reality.  A plan I could truly "own."

More about Site Build It's Action Plan (Guide)

Further study and comparative analyses convinced me that Ken Evoy and his company, Site Build It was -- and continues to be -- the optimal choice.  With a proven step by step action plan, SBI! is about helping others succeed.  It is about hope.  It is about guiding and empowering others to realize their potential.

A Heartfelt Site Build It Review

Since taking the plunge with my first SBI! website in 2008, I can say without reservation that Site Build It truly delivers and, like the iconic Energizer Bunny, "It just keeps going and going."  In other words, SBI! continues to deliver via software updates and other adjustments designed to keep pace with the ever evolving nature of the internet . . . at no additional cost.  Most of this is performed behind the scenes by Site Build It technicians, allowing non-techies such as myself to focus on building our online businesses., my 2nd SBI! site, was launched in 2010.  Combining vivid imagery with fresh design perspectives, it features hundreds of inspiring cabins and cottages by talented architects, builders and craftsmen around the world.  Thanks to a loyal following -- for which I am deeply grateful -- the site continues to grow as a useful sourcing guide.  From a more personal perspective, it offers a creative outlet in which to share my passion for architectural design.

cozy log cabin

Cozy log cabin near Hot Springs, Arkansas, from Hearthstone Homes

After decades of experience in the entrepreneurial world -- a world that alternates between joy and disappointment, feast and famine, success and failure -- I have yet to find a magic formula for business success.  I personally believe no such formula exists.  With that said, Site Build It comes as close as anything I've ever seen.  Like most worthwhile pursuits, it requires effort and some degree of patience.  However, unlike most business opportunities, it is available to anyone with access to a computer and the internet.

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