Small Cabin Plans...
Tiny Treasures!

Small cabin plans come in a vast range of styles -- both traditional and contemporary. Timeless designs created for a variety of different settings, the little architectural gems featured here simply ooze nostalgic charm!

small cabin plans

                 "Woodland Jewel"

small cabin plans

Charming   porches   and   spacious
decks expand the indoor living  area  and "bring the outdoors in."  Framed
by prolific blooms of  cascading  ros-
es, the porch at right opens  to  vis-
tas  of  the  idyllic  countryside  sur-
rounding it.

The  cozy  country cottage  on  the hobby farm pictured below  provides
a perfect weekend escape from  the trials and tribulations of everyday ur-
ban life.

small cabin plans

Farmhouse Design above by SALA Architects

See Gallery of Farm House Plans

small cabin plans

If a waterside setting is more  to  your liking, one of the following designs may be a better choice.  Though somewhat contemporary in style,  the  design  at right incorporates traditional  architec-
tural elements and building materials -- such  as   multi-paned   windows   and wood shingles  -- that tie it to its sur-
roundings and its 19th  century  archi-
tectural roots.   Similarly, though more traditional in style,  the bracketed and shingled cottage pictured below takes its cue from its surroundings and its
19th century heritage.

Design above by Shope Reno       
Wharton Architects              

small cabin plans

Cottage Design above by Michael Greenberg & Associates

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More Small Cabin Plans

Small cabin designs,  such as the example pictured below from Cool House Plans, are great for waterside settings.    The wide rear porch provides an ideal spot for relaxing and watching the gently rolling waves on a lazy sum-
mer afternoon.

small cabin plans
small cabin plans

small cabin plans

For those seeking a view  that  goes
"on and on," a mountain retreat such  as that pictured at right may be  the answer.   The wraparound porch pro-
vides an ideal outdoor  viewing  area
of the "miles of mountains"  surround-
ing it.

Right: Design by Kirkland + Associates Architects

If a  hideaway  in  a  deeply  wooded setting  is  more  to  your  liking,  the shingled cottage by Bernhard & Priest-
ly  Architecture,  pictured  in  the  im-
ages below, may be just right for you.

small cabin plans
small cabin plans

Small cabin plans such as that shown in the stone and shingle example be-
low, left, from Rocky Mountain Log Homes,  are ideal for western mountain settings.    The fieldstone and shingled cottage pictured below, right,  is a perfect complement to its wooded setting.

small cabin plans
small cabin plans

small cabin plans

Plans  for  "fairy  tale"   cabins   and cottages  also appeal to many of us. Period revivals such as that pictured
in the English cottage design at right, from Storybook Homes, are timeless .
. . . . and have  withstood  the  test
of time.   Similarly, the following two custom  plans from TEA-2 Architects evoke an  earlier,  gentler  time  and continue to have widespread  appeal
to the present day!

small cabin plans
small cabin plans

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small cabin plans

More Small Cabin Plans -
Romantic Retreats!

small cabin plans

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