Log Home House Plans...
A Majestic Masterpiece!

The log home house plans featured here showcase an astounding rustic retreat in New York's Hudson River Valley. With panoramic views of the Catskill Mountains, this majestic structure is crafted from massive logs averaging 18 inches in diameter!

log home house plans

log home house plans

Designed  by the architectural firm of Holmes,  King,  Kallquist & Associates, the sheer magnitude and scale of this log masterpiece harkens back  to  the incredible Great Camps of the  Adiron-
dack  Mountains  in Upstate New York during  the  late  19th  and early 20th centuries.     A modern day version of
the style, it definitely raises the bar!

The monumental entrance of this log home house plan,  pictured  above, left, with a side view below, only hints at the grand scale of the interior. The roofing material of cement tiles,  designed to look like cedar shakes,
is fireproof.

log home house plans

Indeed, the overall composition is designed to impress . . . . . and it clearly succeeds in that endeavor!

log home house plans

log home house plans

The side view pictured at right  and below  shows the interplay between stone and logs.  Contrasting shapes, textures and colors complement one another  beautifully  and  provide  a visually intoxicating feast!

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log home house plans

The rear of this stunning log residence includes an expansive deck from which to savor the sweeping views of the Catskill Mountains in the dis-

log home house plans

log home house plans

Log Home House Plan Close-ups

A close-up of one of the 140 corners and intersections of different materi-
als in this stunning design shows the symmetry  of  handcrafted  log  ends juxtaposed with the random pattern-
ing  and  placement  of the beautiful stone work. 

A majestic stone outdoor fireplace on the spacious rear deck provides an ideal place to get warm and cozy on cool moonlit evenings.

log home house plans
log home house plans

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During  the  day  under  the  light  of the sun, the deck's Adirondack style rocking chairs provide a great vantage point from which to enjoy the mag-
nificent views of the Catskill Mountains!

log home house plans

See Interior Photos of this Monumental Retreat

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log home house plans

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log home house plans

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