Small House Floor Plans...
A Towering Coastal Cabin!

Small house floor plans for a summer getaway employ traditional architectural elements in a sleek modern design.  Gables punctuated by a shed roof dormer shoot skyward from a bluff overlooking the shores of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

"Rabbit Snare Gorge" cabin is the product of a collaborative effort between New York firm Design Base 8 and architect Omar Gandhi of Halifax.  The tall but small (or small but tall) retreat rises 3 levels . . . . .

small house floor plans

Perspective view of front and right side
(Image Credit: Doublespace Photography)

. . . a gabled tower overlooking the Gulf of St. Lawrence and a brook-lined ravine.   The front entry, sheltered by a projecting corten steel surround, echoes the verticality of the design.  A spacious second level balcony, or deck,  runs nearly the length of one side.   Its glass paneled balustrade (railing) offers unrestricted views.

small house plan

Perspective view of front and left (deck) side
(Image Credit: Doublespace Photography)

Large expanses of glazing flood the interior with light by day and cast a warm glow at night.

small house plan
small house plan

Perspective view of back and deck side                              View of front
(Image Credits: Doublespace Photography)

A cross section of the facade hints at what lies beyond the front door.

small house plan

Architectural rendering of cross section

Small House Floor Plans

Level 1

The first or ground floor plan houses the cabin's only bedroom and bath, which contains a separate tub and shower enclosure.

small house floor plans

Tall narrow windows light the wood paneled walls of the staircase leading to the upper levels.

small house plan

View of stairs leading from ground floor to Level 2
(Image Credit: Doublespace Photography)

Level 2

Designed to capture views of the surrounding landscape, the primary living area is located on Level 2.  It features an open floor plan with the kitchen, living and dining areas flowing seamlessly together.

small house floor plans

A wall of glass opens to the expansive outdoor deck via a door on the far right.

small house floor plans

Partial view of living and dining areas
(Image Credit: Doublespace Photography)

A soaring ceiling with multiple skylights adds to the feeling of openness on this level.

small house floor plans
small house floor plans

   Living/dining areas with loft above               Partial view of kitchen & upper loft
(Image Credits: Doublespace Photography)

Level 3

The third floor plan consists of a loft overlooking Level 2, below . . . . .

small house floor plans

. . . Accessed via a stairway behind the kitchen wall (below left),  the "Sunset Room" features another series of large windows along two sides. Built-in seating doubles as extra storage space (below right).

small house floor plans
small house floor plans

Kitchen wall conceals stairs to Level 3                 Partial view of "Sunset Room"
(Image Credits: Doublespace Photography)

small house floor plans

A parting shot of gabled tower exterior
(Image Credit: Doublespace Photography)

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