The Small Log Cabin...
Simply Serene!

A small log cabin nestled in the woods offers a refreshing respite from the hectic pace of life in the Digital Age.  The constant buzz of computers, cell phones and congested traffic is replaced by the quietude of nature.  Soaring multistory steel and glass towers are but distant memories in the serenity of a single story log hideaway.  Picturesque compositions inspired by the past, the little log cabins featured here are bound to warm your heart and stir your soul!

Tucked in the mountains of northwest Montana, a charming log cabin (below) overlooks Whitefish Lake.  A collaborative effort between the homeowner and architect Scott Elden of MT- Creative, the 700 square foot retreat features a front facing gable with a shed roof porch.  A massive stone chimney anchors the structure along one side.

small log cabin

Photo Credit: Heidi A. Long

More Small Log Cabin Designs

Named for its prominent design motif, the "Totems" is a beautifully crafted log cabin in British Columbia, Canada.  Architect Henry Yorke Mann employed massive red and yellow cedar posts to support a cedar shake gable roof with deep overhangs.

small log cabin

Exterior walls are constructed of 12x12 inch cedar timbers with dovetailed corners.  Glass is used extensively on the gable ends.

small log cabin

A continuous skylight on either side of the ridge beam floods the cabin's 400 square foot interior with natural light (below left).  Tucked behind its granite fireplace, a finely crafted -- and efficiently arranged -- stair design (below right) . . . . .

small log cabin
small log cabin

. . . leads to a glorious -- though compact -- 150 square foot sleeping loft.

small log cabin loft

"Totems" Photo Credits: Stuart Bish

The small log cabin that follows is from Big Foot Log & Timber Homes, based in British Columbia, Canada.  A charming architectural gem, it features a wraparound porch with large log railings.

small log cabin

Denny Creek, Washington is home to this little log hideaway (below).  A National Forest Service vacation rental, it features multi-pane windows with green shutters.

small log cabin

Across the country, northern Georgia's Blue Ridge Mountains play host to a cozy cabin in the woods (below).  A large stone chimney anchors one end of the gable design, which also includes an extended porch roof across the front.  Resting on stone piers, the raised porch features balustrades with decorative twig work.

small log cabin

Photo Credit: Envision Web

Massive logs pierced by tiny windows lend contrast and definition to a Rocky Mountain guest cabin by Pierce + Frye Architects.  The rustic design features a front porch alcove with stone flooring.

small log cabin

Photo Credit: Todd Winslow Pierce

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