Small Stone Cottages...
Truly Timeless!

Small stone cottages nestled in nature have inspired many a painter, poet and writer throughout history.     From ancient cave dwellings to modern mountain retreats, stone has been used to shelter mankind for millennia. 
Its inherent beauty and durability continue to enchant us!

The simple  --  albeit picturesque -- cottage below  is  a  delightful example of this beloved building type.  A pres- ent-day incarnation in stone, it  is modeled after   Henry David Thoreau's  cabin  on Walden Pond.  
The 10 x 15 foot timber frame was crafted by Ben- sonwood  Homes, located
in Walpole, New Hampshire.

Clad with stone on all four sides, the exterior design features a front facing gable. Tall windows with divided lights are deeply recessed into the stone- work.  A brick chimney punctuates the slate covered roof at the rear gable end.  Adding to its charm, a flagstone pathway curves around the tiny 150 square foot cottage.

small stone cottage

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Rustic Mountain Retreat

Perched high in the mountains of western North Carolina, this Blue Ridge Mountain Club Cottage (below) imparts a rustic look and feel while offering all the amenities of modern living. The storybook design features a steeply pitched gable roof and massive stone chimney.   A flared shed roof over- hang stretches across the front facade,  supported  by  curved  wooden brackets  on  either  end.    Tucked  below, a flagstone patio and outdoor hearth provide an intimate space to relax and take in the pristine mountain air.

small stone cottage

small stone cottages

Enchanting English
Cottage Style

After centuries of practice, the English and western Europeans
have elevated cottage building
to a veritable art form.     The charming Yorkshire cottage at
right boasts a crenelated tower. 
Its  ivy-clad  exterior  features contrasting  stone  quoins  to accentuate the corners.

Built in 1800 as a gardener's cottage, the "Gingerbread House" (below) is a thatch roofed, hexagonally-shaped vacation rental in South West England.  Located near the town of Ilminster in Somerset County,  the  small stone cottage features leaded glass windows with gothic pointed arches.  Deep roof overhangs rest on wood posts to shade the building perimeter.

small stone cottages

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Appearing to have popped from the pages of a Brothers Grimm fairy tale, an enchanting stone cottage nestles in a woodland setting in The Neth- erlands (below).  The romantic two story pile features projecting stone- work at the corners, flanked by one story wings.    A bay window with decorative casements adorns the facade.   Overhead,  a soaring stone chimney punctuates the multilevel clipped gable roof.

small stone cottages

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small stone cottages

Hobbit House Style

Set  into  a  hillside  in  Genesee, Colorado, a hobbit style cottage serves as a charming guest house (left). Designed by TKP Architects, the  450  square  foot  retreat  is crafted with massive stones.  Di- vided  light  windows  pierce  the facade.  Large shed roof dormers (see below) on either side of the clipped gable roof further infuse the interior with natural light. A brack- eted overhang above  the  entry echos the arch of the door, which features a charming "hobbit hole" window.

A clearer perspective of the relationship between building and site can be seen in the image below.    Note how the cottage hugs the hillside as it steps down with the terrain.

small stone cottages

An imaginative hobbit hut design (below) by Pierce + Frye Architects goes pool side on Lake Tahoe.    The front of the earth-sheltered structure is constructed of roughly rectangular stacked stone blocks.    Small  round windows framed with wedge-shaped stones, or "voussoirs," flank the hobbit style entry.

small stone cottages

Photo Credit (above): David O. Marlow

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small stone cottages

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