The Stone Cottage . . . From
Scottish Highlands to Tuscan Hills!

The stone cottage designs featured here are a veritable feast for the eyes.  Scattered from the highlands of Scotland to the hills of Tuscany, they draw us in like a butterfly to the sweet nectar of a fragrant flower.

Their centuries' old legacy continues to captivate us with mystery.  Allure us with timeless appeal.  Mesmerize us with charm.  And entice us with enchantment!

stone cottage

The Stone Cottage

Part 1 of a 2 Part Journey

The first part of our journey explores some fascinating examples from the British Isles, where, in our opinion, the most enchanting cottages in the world can be found. 

Our journey continues through the countryside and hamlets of France and culminates in the romantic and fertile hills of Tuscany -- widely regarded as the true birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and home to some of the most brilliant minds in the history of arts and science, including Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci!

stone cottage

Let the Journey Begin!

Our journey begins in the magnificent splendour of the Scottish Highlands, pictured at left.  It's natural beauty has provided a majestic backdrop for stone dwellings for centuries. 

The lovely stone cottage pictured below, though abandoned and partially overgrown with vegetation, is a fitting addition to this beautiful landscape.  All it needs is a caring owner to give it some TLC and bring it back to the warm and cozy status as a home or special getaway it undoubtedly once "enjoyed."

stone cottage

Moving to the lowlands of Scotland, near Edinburgh, brings us to the striking Victorian-era jewel in the two images that follow.  Fortunately, this architectural gem has been well maintained over the years -- complete with beautifully cultivated cottage gardens.

stone cottage

stone cottage

Crossing the border into England and heading south brings us to the pair of Storybook Style cottages pictured below.  Oozing with nostalgic charm, they embody the ideal of a romantic English cottage!

stone cottage
stone cottage

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The picturesque stone dwellings that follow are typical of those found throughout the Cotswolds in the hills of west-central England.   Looking like something from a  children's story book, these enchanting little cottages are protected from the elements by stone roofing tiles, as well as stone walls.

stone cottages

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Crossing the English Channel brings us to coastal Brittany, in northwestern France.  The aptly named "Cottage Between the Rocks" is pictured below.

stone cottage

Moving cross country in a southeasterly direction brings us to the enchanting little dwelling that follows.  Located in the Auvergne region of France, it features a steeply pitched hip roof.

stone cottage

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stone cottage

Heading further south/southeast thru the French countryside brings us to the quaint stone cottages shown here.  Anchoring the design pictured at right is a romantic stone tower with a red tile roof.

Adding to the romance of the cottage design that follows is its pastoral setting, including a picturesque stone arch bridge leading to it.

stone cottage

stone cottage

Continuing our journey to the southeast of France brings us to the French/Italian border.  Crossing the Italian Alps and proceeding in a southeasterly direction brings us to the rolling hills of Tuscany, pictured at right.

Dotting the gorgeous Tuscan landscape and numerous vineyards are beautiful stone cottages -- some of which are centuries old.  A profusion of wisteria blooms frames the lovely cottage pictured below.

stone cottage

And finally, the spectacular image that follows features a lovely Tuscan cottage in a lush field of fragrant lavender.  Though the little cottage appears to be abandoned, it would make a perfect retreat or weekend getaway!

stone cottage

This concludes Part 1 of our journey.  For the second part, we will "cross the pond" to North America to view the profound influence European design has had on American cottage architecture.

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The French - AND English - Connection!

stone cottage

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