Barn Home Designs...
Endearing & Enduring!

The barn home designs featured here blend historic looks with modern living.   Whether a 21st century interpretation of this beloved building
type, or an older structure repurposed for human habitation, these in-
spiring examples expand upon -- both in appearance and function --
the traditional definition of a barn!

The pastoral scene below  features  a charming gable roof design  with  twin cupolas.  Clad with board  and  batten siding,  the exterior walls are pierced by multi-pane windows.   A shed roof shelters the full length front porch.    Note  the bracketed overhang above the tall gable end windows.

barn home designs

Barn Home Design above by Rill Architects

barn home designs

New . . . . .

Echoing the spirit of 19th century New  England  farm  buildings,  a contemporary barn home by Kaplan Thompson  Architects  offers  a commanding  view  of  western Maine's White Mountains from its pastureland perch.   The center- piece of a hilltop hobby farm, its clapboard  and  shingle  design provides shelter for both humans
and horses.

Photo at right by Trent Bell

Expansive windows beneath a gable roof with shed dormers flood the upper level living area with natural light.  The central block is flanked by lean-tos --  one of which (right side, below)  offers its equine occupants a refuge from cold winter winds and hot summer sun.  A fully enclosed lean-to (left side, below) serves as the entrance to the upper level living quarters.

barn home designs

Photo Credit (above): Trent Bell for Maine Home

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More traditional in appearance, the example below features a prominent "widow's peak" or hay hood -- a pointed extension of the roof ridge over the gable end.  From Frank G. Neely Design Associates, this relatively new and richly detailed dwelling evokes the nostalgic charm and romance of an earlier time.

barn home designs

barn home designs

. . . and  RENEWED
Barn Home Designs

The replacement of the family farm and home  with  large  commercial enterprises has rendered the family barn virtually obsolete in America.  As a result,  much  of  our  former supply  has  been  left  to the ele- ments and the passage of time. 

Fortunately in recent years, some individuals have begun to recognize the potential of old barns as renew- able resources for human habitation -- a trend that continues to grow.

Photo at right by Barry Halkin

Built in the late 19th century, the Pennsylvania barn pictured below was transformed into a stunning guest house by Archer & Buchanan Archi- tecture.  Collaborating with the architects, Michael Shannon Designs re- novated the interior.  It features an open floor plan with a soaring great room (above right).

barn home designs

Relocated in Connecticut, a 19th century Canadian barn was given new life as a 15 room dwelling.  Scores of mult-pane windows were installed to flood the formerly dark and cavernous interior with natural light.

barn home designs

Photo Credit (above): Scott Frances

Designer Russell Groves selected modern furnishings for the open, airy rooms.  Note how they both complement and contrast with the rustic posts and beams original to the structure.

barn home designs

Photo Credit (above): Scott Frances

New York architect David Minch converted this 1876 barn to a primary residence for his wife and himself -- as well as their respective busi- nesses.  In an effort to maintain the Hudson Valley structure's archi- tectural  and  historic  integrity,  the architect preserved as much as possible while simultaneously making it energy efficient.

barn home designs

Pole Barn Homes

Pole barns, or pole buildings, have come a long way since their humble beginnings in the 1930s.  A less expensive alternative to traditional timber framing,  post-frame construction was widely employed to build storage sheds and other utilitarian structures on farms.    Modern refinements in technology and construction techniques have broadened its application to include barn homes.  The handsome example below is from Holmes Lumber.

pole barn homes

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barn home designs

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