Small Cabin Design . . . Tiny Traditionals to
Compact Contemporaries!

Small cabin design -- done well -- successfully balances form and function.   Given the spatial and budgetary limitations within which designers must often work, a great deal of thought is required to create a plan that maximizes use of interior space AND provides visual appeal.  The examples featured here offer plenty of both!

small cabin design

 Design above by Allison Ramsey Architects
 (Photo Credit: Jean Allsopp)

small cabin design

For example, the wood frame cabin at right is anchored by a massive outdoor corner fireplace made of river stones, giving it a truly distinctive "larger than life" appearance that defies its small stature!

See More River Stone Fireplace Designs at our Sister Site,

From tiny traditional (below left) to compact contemporary (below right) designs, there is a style and floor plan to appeal to virtually everyone.

small cabin design
small cabin design

Cladding for Small Cabin Designs

small cabin design


Exterior cladding varies widely and is often dictated by the architectural style.  For example, the glass walled contemporary design pictured above, right, contrasts sharply with the colored horizontal clapboard siding on the traditional design at right. 

The two designs that follow are also clad with clapboard siding.  However, the natural finish gives them more of a rustic look and feel.

Design above right by Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

small cabin design
small cabin design

Boards and Battens

Another type of cladding, particularly with traditional designs, is vertically oriented board and batten siding, shown in the following two designs.   Once again, while the example on the left has a painted finish, the cabin on the right sports a natural finish to give it a more rustic look.

small cabin design
small cabin design

Wood Shingles

The Shingle Style cottage pictured below follows a long-standing tradition that began on the East coast in the latter part of the nineteenth century and quickly spread westward to California.  Popular to this day, the style is virtually timeless.

small cabin design

More Shingle Style Cottage Designs

small cabin design


The log cabin is another building type that never seems to go out of style.  Despite having been in existence in many parts of the world for centuries, its timeless appeal never wanes.

The fine example at right and below provides a strong testament to its ongoing popularity!

small cabin design

small cabin design

Logs and Stones

Combined with stone, the log cabin design pictured below is a veritable architectural masterpiece . . . leaving little doubt as to why this particular building type remains so popular to the present day!

small cabin design

Colorado residence, above, by bhh Partners Planners/Architects

Logs and Steel

And finally, for a contemporary twist on an old theme, the unique log design that follows is indicative of the possibilities that can be achieved with this age-old building type!

small cabin design

Contemporary cabin, above, by Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek

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